N Korea threatens hack row strikes - Independent.ie

North Korea has threatened strikes against the White House, Pentagon and "the whole US mainland, that cesspool of terrorism", accusing Barack Obama of "recklessly" spreading rumours of a Pyongyang-orchestrated cyber-attack on Sony Pictures.

More:   http://www.independent.ie/world-news/n-korea-threatens-hack-row-strikes-30855038.html    _______________________________________________________________________________

Article: Deepest Fish Ever Recorded in The Mariana Trench :: ...

An incredible fish has been discovered by an unmanned submersible at approximately 25,000 feet below the surface.-- about five miles down. At those depths the pressure is enough to crush a person, yet this new variety of snail fish appears almost angelic with wispy fins.
Source:  http://www.opednews.com/articles/Deepest-Fish-Ever-Recorded-by-you-tube-Fish_Mariana-Trench-141221-738.html 


Report: Israeli drone shot down in Syria

Syria said on Sunday that an Israeli drone had been brought down in the province of Quneitra near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.
State media said the drone was flying above the village of Hadar when it was downed.

More:   http://www.debka.com/newsupdate/9986/    _______________________________________________________________________________

Attkisson: CDC Hiding Numbers of Possible Ebola Cases in US - ...

Attkisson said, "I called CDC not long ago and I said how many cases are being monitored in the United States and they said 1,400. I said, 'Where are these updates on your website? ' They said they're not putting it on the web. This is public information we have a right to know and the media should not hype it, but should cover it."

More:   http://www.breitbart.com/video/2014/12/21/attkisson-cdc-hiding-numbers-of-possible-ebola-cases-in-us/    _______________________________________________________________________________

Ukraine Headed for Disaster :: The Market Oracle

By: Stephen_Lendman


Perfect storm conditions threaten Ukrainians. In Europe's heartland. Fascist dictatorship. Mass impoverishment. Growing deprivation.

Civl war. Potential economic collapse. Troubled nuclear reactors. Facing possible meltdown. More on this below.

Ukraine's economy is rife with problems. Potential bankruptcy looms. IMF aid caused more harm than good. Largely used to pay Western bankers. Wage war on Donbas.

More:   http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article48730.html    _______________________________________________________________________________

Florida Police Officer Killed Overnight. 3rd Officer Dead in 24 ...

Pinellas County Sheriff' Office have yet to identify the slain officer or the suspect attached to the shooting. A motive for the killing has yet to be provided either but the Tampa Bay Times did report that the victim was a Tarpon Springs police officer.

The only known suspect fled the scene of the shooting before crashing their vehicle into a telephone pole and another vehicle. The suspect was subsequently apprehended and taken into custody, according to police.

More:   http://theantimedia.org/florida-police-officer-killed-overnight-3rd-officer-dead-24-hours/    _______________________________________________________________________________

China won't sit by idly if Russian economy collapses: ...

Long Yongtu, former deputy minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation, said at a Beijing forum that China "should adopt some aggressive measures" as the ruble has nosedived about 60% against the US dollar since the beginning of the year. "When Russia is facing massive difficulties, (China should) show moral strength and economic support," he said according to a report by China News Service.

Beijing is obligated to help its northern neighbor both from a strategic perspective and out of concern for the wellbeing of the Russian people, he said without elaborating on any specific measures.

More:   https://glblgeopolitics.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/china-wont-sit-by-idly-if-russian-economy-collapses-ex-official/    _______________________________________________________________________________


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